Texture Love: Textures under a desk.

General / 15 December 2020

So I was laying under my desk with my cat, as you do, and looking up on the underside of the desk, there are delicious textures everywhere. 

It made me think how much we really miss in life as humans. As artists we notice things that most people never even conceive as being something of value let alone photo or art worthy. Despite that we still miss things, maybe we are desensitised to the ordinary, or simply because we don't think to look in the simplest of places for designs and textures that might inspire us.

I've always loved textures. Random natural or man made marks on wood, concrete, paper or a million other items. Even magpie poo can have a unique mix of colors and textures. Yes, I made a game texture out of bird poo. It had the most amazing violet color mixed with greens, browns and whites. I still have the photo and texture on a hard drive somewhere.